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Yeti rapes woman in China = hybrid (video)

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Zhangjiajie, China (
Our "monster" quest continues. In the following incredible account, a "Bigfoot (Chinese Yeren)-human hybrid man" was found in China.

Footage of the human-hybrid was taken in Sichuan Province. It is being described as the "Chinese Hybrid Man" or "Yeren Ape Man." His mother's account of how he came to be born is the incredible part.

The story goes that the boy's mother claimed that she was kidnapped by a Yeren (Yeti), the Chinese "Wildman" or Chinese version of Bigfoot. (See video below).

Shanxi (BreenJones/flickr)
He allegedly raped her repeatedly before she managed to escape back to her village.

Nine months later she gave birth to a strange boy who grew to be abnormally large and apelike, displaying more features we attribute to prehistoric (paleolithic) humans rather than modern ones.
Although he was never able to speak a language, he gained a minimal understanding of what people were trying to say to him. He lived to be 33 years old. But because he was kept a secret and hidden in a small village, not much is known about him.

Munn and Gigantopithecus
Is he a "bastard son of a Bigfoot creature"? One alternative explanation is that he was born with microcephaly (small brain), which is a neurodevelopmental disorder that causes abnormal head growth, poor brain function, and a diminished life expectancy. Skeptics who advance this explanation go on to suggest that the mother must have been ashamed of having a retarded, malformed baby and made up the story about being raped by a Bigfoot to explain the anomaly.

The problem with this explanation, however, is that it does not explain the size of this hybrid looking man: No previous case of microcephaly has ever been very tall.
In addition, he displays many ape-like characteristics such as an ape-like jaw, extremely long and gangly arms, and lacks a human neck. Is he half human, half animal (ape)? Is the human hybrid ape man found in China real or fake?

(Bigfoot Evidence)
There is mounting evidence of a bipedal creature in California's Sierra Nevada mountain range. Bigfoot researchers trek in to investigate Native American stories and petroglyphs of a family of hair-covered man-beasts. They examine recently found footprint evidence and a compelling 1991 video of a supposed Bigfoot encounter at Mono Lake, east of Yosemite National Park.

Sasquatch (Sásq'ets, a catchall name for the ape-like creature) is believed to inhabit forests of the Pacific Northwest region of North America. It is described as a large, hairy, bipedal humanoid.
These creatures range from 6-10 feet (2-3 m) tall, weighing in excess of 500 pounds (230 kg), and are covered in dark brown, reddish, or white hair. Eye witnesses describe large eyes, pronounced brow ridges, and a low-set forehead. The top of the head is described as rounded and crested, similar to the sagittal crest of the male gorilla. A strong, unpleasant odor is reported. Enormous footprints have been confirmed around the world, some as large as 24 inches (60 cm) long and 8 inches (20 cm) wide. Most casts have five toes -- like all known apes -- some two to six. Some have also contained claw marks, making it likely that a portion came from known animals such as bears, which have five toes and claws. They are thought to be omnivorous and nocturnal.

Maybe Yeren is a Neanderthal as sought in adjacent Russia and Siberia. The 45 minute special below follows the search for Bigfoot (Russian Almasty, Mongolian Almas):

(TBG) "Russian Bigfoot" - Do archaic humans still walk the Earth? The Almas, Almasty, "Man of the Forest," Wildman, Yeti... something is out there, and Adam Davies is searching for them.

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