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Impossible not to believe in UFOs (video)

Pat Macpherson, Pfc. Sandoval, Wisdom Quarterly; The Guardian)
Los Angeles resident spot UFOs over Los Angeles with summoner Robert Bingham
More than 200 students and teachers at two Melbourne, Australia schools saw a flying saucer descend into a grass field, then ascend over a local suburb. There are no pictures, but witnesses still gather for reunions. Some of them are probably "spunks."

Shaun Ryder (Christopher Thomond/Guardian)
Shaun Ryder on UFOs: "It's not that I want to believe -- it's impossible not to." His encounters with aliens have been turned into a new TV show.
"All I’ll tell yous, right, is that I’ve seen one, really close up, about 50 foot above, and it looks like a cartoon..."
Belgian UFO sightings (Nov. 1989-April 1990)
Shaun Ryder was 15 when he first saw a UFO. He'd just started as a messenger boy at the post office and was walking to the bus stop on Hilton Lane, Little Hulton.
It was 6:45 am and pitch black when he looked up into the sky. "At first it was still, and then it went, 'Voooooooom!' And then again: 'Voooooooom!' Classic zig-zag, hovered, then went off at 10,000 miles an hour. Like Star Trek. Boom. Gone. Yeah!"

(DDSDtv) Close up examination of fresh crop circle formation
Another bus stop a few months later in 1978. This time he's at Irlams o' Th' Height in Salford, around 5:00 pm. "Hundreds of lights going across the sky really slow, and I'm thinking, 'God, are we being invaded?' The next day in the papers it said: 'Mysterious lights in the sky -- lights at Salford rugby ground have gone mad.' And that was bullsh-t because when the lights at rugby grounds start moving around, it's nothing like these."
Ever since, Ryder has been obsessed with Ufology and extraterrestrial forms of life. The former Happy Mondays and Black Grape frontman gets narked with people who assume he was off his head when he saw his UFOs
Fair enough, he has spent much of his life [out of] his head, but he insists that any time he's seen anything otherworldly he's been clean and sober.

Reality check: Crop formations are real. How are they formed,
and what are the differences between real and manmade kinds?
UFOs over L.A. (
Ryder, 50, defined the Madchester era of ecstasy-inspired dance music in the 1980s. He ranted his brilliant nonsense lyrics ("You're twistin' my melon man/ You know you talk so hip man/ You're twistin' my melon man") to an inspired, jingly-jangly, rock-funk-northern-soul-house-hiphop backdrop. Yet, he somehow managed to combine pop stardom with crack-dealing and drug-fuelled psychosis.
Then, in 2010, he found populist redemption in the Australian jungle with Ant and Dec and became an unlikely national treasure. Before that, television producers were terrified of what he might come out with before the watershed. More 

Top 10 UFO Sightings: from Roswell to Berkshire pub Michael Hogan: As the MoD releases its final UFO files, here are the world's most famous sightings of alien spaceships -- unidentified flying objects. 

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