Monday, November 4, 2013

Our secret US wars in Central Asia (video)

(HM) Trailer for "Wounds Over Waziristan" directed by Madiha Tahir

Buddhist treasures from Indo-Pakistan
The U.S. (JSOC, CIA, NSA, MIC) is terrorizing ordinary Pakistanis -- in what was once the Buddhist land of Gandhara, India, now Pakistan and eastern Afghanistan.
The government there is warning of a new rift with the United States after more illegal CIA drone strikes that allegedly targeted and killed the head of the Pakistani "Taliban," a creation of the CIA.

Drone attacks as world remains silent
Mr. Hakimullah Mehsud and six other militants were murdered on Friday (Nov. 1, 2013) when U.S. pilots purposely deployed missiles against them by remote control. 

Those weapons hit a vehicle in North Waziristan, an outlying region of Pakistan. The U.S. had put up a $5 million "bounty" on Mr. Mehsud, accusing him -- without trial or opportunity to defend himself -- of being responsible for "thousands" of deaths. 

(Democracy Now) U.S. haunting Pakistani innocents with drones, "Wounds of Waziristan"

The US attack on sovereign Pakistani soil, an international crime, came just as the Pakistani government had relaunched peace talks with Taliban representative. In a broadcast exclusive, Democracy Now! airs a documentary directed by Madiha Tahir ("Wounds of Waziristan") that highlights the stories of innocent civilians directly targeted and collaterally impacted by US war crimes in the form of drone attacks on Pakistani soil.
Pakistani report on U.S. drone war
"Waziristan is only half the size of New Jersey. How would it feel if bombs [were] rained over New Jersey for nine years [by a foreign power]?" asks Tahir in the film. "Would you be frightened? If they killed your son, your cousin, or your husband -- and got away with it -- would you be angry? You probably couldn’t forget about it if you tried. You’d be haunted."
Pakistani icon Malala Yousafzai, 16, echoes U.S. civil rights legend leaving Daily Show's Jon Stewart speechless and audience in awe over her story of strength and peace (
(IWBC) Rise of the Drones (scary as a hellfire missile)

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