Friday, December 23, 2016

Optical illusions are real, Dec. 22, 2016); Amber Larson, Wisdom Quarterly

Optical illusion: This dancing girl video will REVEAL which side of your brain you use
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Very be careful. Optical illusions can determine a lot about a person’s personality. This one showing a dancing girl can reveal which side of the brain we use.

The video shows a silhouette of a girl with her hair tied back. She can be seen spinning around on one foot.

Her right leg is stretched out, and she’s using both her arms to help her balance.

Which way she spins depends on your brain.
The test to determine which side of your brain you use depends on whether you see the dancer turning clockwise or counter-clockwise.
  • NOTE: A better test we came up with at Wisdom Quarterly is to snap your fingers with one hand over and over until she turns the other way. Right hand = left hemisphere, and vice versa. Doing math or reciting poetry didn't seem to change her direction.
  • PICTURE: Girls in bikinis at the beach photo-bombed
If you see the dancer turning clockwise, then you use more of the right side of the brain, and vice versa. More

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