Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Big storms coming to U.S. and L.A. (video)

Wisdom Quarterly;; 1PacificRedwood; Evelyn Taft (CBS); Kristen Van Dyke (KOIN 6)
(CBS) A big winter storm moving in Thursday could bring heavy showers and windy conditions to LA

Fargo, North Dakota, was four below zero early Wednesday, while Duluth, Minnesota was two below zero.

Highs Wednesday will range from 20 to 30 degrees below average.

Temperatures will remain well below zero in Minnesota and Wisconsin on Wednesday night.
The Arctic cold is expected to spread across the northeastern United States while the Midwest remains frigid through the work week, forecasters said.

Much of the northern Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern states will stay cold for the next couple of days as the arctic air remains stuck over the northern Appalachians, the National Weather Service said. More

(KOIN 6) Weather forecast with Kristen Van Dyke Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2016

HAARP atmosphere microwaving station
HAARP operators (weather controllers) have finally decided to allow significant rain into California starting [Thursday, Dec. 15th] and have spread a rain-soaked weather forecast to TV weather outlets, which have dutifully broadcast the information.

Pressure maps show that there is no surface high pressure or any high pressure at 500mb or 300mb levels to block the first of two storm fronts into California.

The second, larger 957mb hurricane-force storm is also forecast to move into California and dump significant amounts of rain along with storm conditions.

The high pressure block that had been installed over California [in the preceding days] has moved up into Oregon and Washington following an upper-level (dry low) low pressure system to prevent its development.

Dakota Access Pipeline, North Dakota (AP)
In the interim, no significant high pressure exists off the West coast to block this incoming weather except a 1019mb area off Southern California, which may serve as a "buffer zone," which could be pumped up at a moment's notice to diminish the storm's impact in the region.

It looks like the El Nino weather pattern we have been hearing about for years will now officially begin as of tomorrow night, courtesy of HAARP operators, unless these weather modifiers change their minds again.

For the past few days in Los Angeles, chemtrails are being sprayed over a type of a low hanging fog bank or onshore haze, while we observe low relative humidity (no dew) during the morning and afternoon hours.

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