Thursday, December 22, 2016

Is "truth" malleable? (comedy)

Wisdom Quarterly; Tom Tomorrow (;; PW
As the country folds, we won't let California be turned into a police state (Pasadena Weekly)
"The Post Truth World" Trump truth? (Tom Tomorrow/
  • Why is your brother-in-law concerned about the estate tax?
  • Why do millionaire news reporters get everything wrong?
  • Why are blood-sucking teachers bankrupting America?
  • PODCAST: The Jimmy Dore Show (12-16-16)
Jimmy Dore answers all of these questions and more! In this laugh-out-loud collection of essays that are both street-smart and informed, Jimmy sets out to discover what’s wrong.

Crackling with caustic wit and insight, no aspect of American life is safe from Jimmy’s hilarious scrutiny. He gets to the heart of the issues: why Republicans should support gay marriage or why the president shouldn’t have secret security until the country has gun control, bringing clarity and hilarity to the incoherent noise of our punditocracy.

"The Republican Guide to Screwing the Working Class" (

We make news funny on TJDS!
This entertaining manifesto is an excellent resource for those who have survived long arguments during family dinners. And in a media environment dominated by corporate interests, Jimmy’s take-no-prisoners approach is fearless, going after both political parties and all corners of mainstream news. It's a David against an Army of Goliaths. More

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