Monday, December 19, 2016

Survivalist Training for the holidays: L.A.

Christopher Nyerges (School of Self-Reliance); Xochitl, Ashley Wells, Wisdom Quarterly
Various useful plants in the Angeles National Forest above L.A. (Gwillhickers/wiki)
CRAFTS: Carry-all Bag and Quiver
Watertight gourds can be lifesaving.
$25 (Thursday, Dec. 22, 2016 11:30 am) When malls and freeways are jammed, enjoy this instead: Come into the mountains and work on traditional Native crafts and survival skills. Learn to make a continental African “man’s bag,” which is made from a single piece of leather. Also learn how a quiver is made from the super versatile local yucca plant.
  • LOCATION: Switzer’s Camp, Angeles National Forest. From Foothill Blvd. in the City of La Canada, travel north about 11 miles up the Angeles Crest Highway. Turn right into Switzer’s Camp entrance. Meet in the parking lot. [Page 505, H2]. Location 3.
Survivalist Christopher Nyerges addresses a group during a walk in Hahamongna.
$20 (Friday, Dec. 23, noon) We’ll learn about the many greens available in the winter, and we’ll collect some for salad and soup.

We’ll walk into the Upper Arroyo [Pasadena/Altadena's dry river bed], meeting at the west end of Altadena Drive. Location 1.

$20 (Saturday, Dec. 24, 10:00 am) This will be a short walk for those who want to get into nature and learn about plants and their many beneficial uses like wild food. We’ll meet at Hahamongna Watershed Park, Location 2, and explore the edges of the park with its riparian, chaparral, and exotic vegetation.

Acorns are the staff of lie (David Hill/wiki)
$20 (Tuesday, Dec. 27, 11:30 am) Learn how to process acorns from the beginning. You’ll get to try some acorn products when we’re done. Also, we’ll have a short lesson on natural paints and pigments, and we’ll have copies of Paul Campbell’s book available. Hahamongna Watershed Park, Location 2.

Before our artificial drought and heatwave, Los Angeles had snow, Jackson Lake (STZ)
This is the way we survive in the woods -- a warm fire, clean water, and edible plants.
$20 (Thursday, Dec. 29, 11:30 am) In this afternoon class, we’ll address all the ways to find and purify water, including distillation and various devices on the market.

This is an essential bit of knowledge for emergency planning, especially in urban areas like Los Angeles County, where nearly all of our water comes from afar. We will also set up a transpiration bag, explore, and forage for local wild edibles. Location 2, Hahamongna Watershed Park.
I learned so much about plants!
$25 (Saturday, Dec. 31, 10:00 am) Yes, it's New Year’s Eve, and for those not craving a crass social scene or a drunken dance party, consider joining us as we wander through nature.

We’ll do some walking, learn about shelters, weaving, primitive fire-making, survival kits, water purification, and so on. We’ll do some cooking and have a good discussion. Join us at Location 2, Hahamongna Watershed Park. More

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