Monday, December 19, 2016

Disclosure: Antarctic ET ruins, Atlantis? (video)

David Wilcock (, Corey Goode (,; Pat Macpherson, Ashley Wells, CC Liu, Dhr. Seven (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly
(Gaia) David Wilcock, Corey Goode: Endgame II: Antarctic Atlantis ET Ruins/Cabal Rescue Plan
David Wilcock ( narrates a groundbreaking insider mega-leak of intel with Corey Goode (

Human trafficking, ritual child molestation, spirit cooking, abuse by the power elite, ET disclosure...

SSP: Secret Space Program (USA)
This information threatens the Establishment more than ever. Are they about to disclose advanced, high tech ruins under the ice in Antarctica? A limited secret space program? Something else to try to save their Illuminati/New World Order agenda?
Corey Goode with garuda/Blue Avian
The realities of human trafficking and occult ceremonies at the highest levels of government and power are spreading like wildfire. Disclosure may be the only sufficiently distracting move the Cabal has left.

This is some of the most surprising, fascinating, and relevant insider intelligence Wilcock has ever posted. Multiple alliance groups have urged that this get out as quickly as possible, so here it is.

The story is so incredible that it may need to be treated like a sci-fi movie. Even if that's the only level one can accept it at, it will still be fascinating! It is a great overview of the Cosmic Disclosure narrative and an update on the most current insider information.

The mainstream media started writing about ancient civilizations in Antarctica after we were urged to get out this update. Never before have we seen such an immediate correlation. This is getting exciting. Read the stunning investigation in full:

The Vedas and the Buddha often spoke of the Avians (garudas, suparnas, bird people)

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