Thursday, October 5, 2017

2nd Vegas shooter; plan to shoot rave (video)

Pfc. Sandoval, Pat Macpherson, Seth Auberon (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly; GLOP; Express; LiS
Good thing those jerks at the Country Music Fest got it or they'd be shutting down raves
Second Shooter? Footage shows Las Vegas gunfire did NOT come from 32nd story but 4th floor

I didn't want to ruin their beautiful life.
White Christian domestic terrorist Stephen Craig Paddock booked several rooms overlooking the annual "Life is Beautiful Festival" rave taking place just a few miles away from where he unleashed carnage on Sunday on noxious country music fans.

He used Airbnb to rent “multiple condos” at the Ogden luxury apartment complex near the event, headlined by Lorde and Chance the Rapper, which took place between September 22 and 24.

At a press conference yesterday, police refused to comment on the claims, with one officer saying: “No. I'm not prepared to speak about that, but that is part of our investigation.”
On Thursday, just days after the Life is Beautiful festival ended on September 24, Stephen Paddock checked into a room on the 32nd floor of the of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Sin City where he set up his lair with scores of guns and ammo. More
Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock plan to attack Lollapalooza Chicago Malia Obama
Those damn kids at the rave were too lovable. But the cops and country hicks...

ASTEROIDS MAPPED: This is where all the most powerful space rocks have smashed into Earth

las vegas gunman stephen paddock could have killed more people‘He could have killed many more’ Paddock had enough guns and ammo to EXTEND killing spree
FRENCH POLICE STATE? Macron under fire for state of emergency terror bill
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Catalonia news LIVE: Spain SUSPENDS Catalan Parliament to block independence declaration
Las Vegas killer planned to SURVIVE - Police have evidence Stephen Paddock plotted escape
Catalonia is only the beginning: Eastern Europe could be heading for split from EU
China is CONTROLLING EU: Shock warning China using financial clout to influence Brussel
ISIS OBLITERATED: Iraq retakes jihadis’ last stronghold as ‘final assault’ begins

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