Monday, October 16, 2017

Strange things in the sky (video)

Pfc. Sandoval, Pat Macpherson (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly; John Kocalis; Amazing Facts Videos
(John Kocalis, 6/22/11) NGO News: The sky is an LCD screen/hologram (2)
UPDATE: The sun is a hologram/LCD screen, more proof. Lightning with no thunder (,, Sun is an LCD screen (, REASONING: I filmed the sun in infrared HD, which came out as lines from an LCD screen. I think they are projecting images onto gasses. They have figured out how to keep it in the atmosphere from Fukushima. The isotopes from Iodine 133 and uranium decay into barium and strontium.

The military has a new application for these isotopes. They can project 3D images onto the gasses. Our sky is being blocked, but they still can't keep the heat out. Are we seeing heat signatures from SOHO?

LINKS: Sky coming through hologram (, sun NOT setting in the west (, sun does a 360 (, sun goes dark 1 (, sun goes dark 2 (

Real copter, fake sun(s) or other suns over neighboring systems (dvipas)

(RichieFromBoston) Proof the Moon is NOT 238,900 miles away
We are being sprayed, leading to epidemic  rates of Alzheimer's, autism, ADD.

(Amazing Facts Videos, July 3, 2017) Fired NASA officials have revealed best kept secret about Moon for 40 years to public!

The earth’s moon has always been a much talked about subject. Speculation about what it may be has always been present. Two recently fired NASA officials have revealed the US government's best kept secret that it had kept safe for 40 years: There are traces of archeological constructions on the moon! More

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