Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Ancient Spaceships and Hybrid Kids (video)

Michael Cremo, ZEG TV, 10-1-17, UPARS LA, MUFON LA; D.S., P.M., Wisdom Quarterly
If I were a hybrid, more alien than earthling, would you know by my large almond eyes?
Michael Cremo outlines evidence of 6,000-year-old flying machines of the ancient world
Michael Cremo ( is the researcher and author of Forbidden Archeology. He adheres to an ancient Vedic/Buddhist view of the world as preserved and popularized by Vedantic Hinduism today. Understanding the universe, its age, and life on earth from a time when flying vehicles, spaceships, platforms, space craft (vimanas) were seen by all may be the inspiration for current government (NASA, DARPA, military) technology.

Many years ago, some Sanskrit documents from the 4th Century BCE, which were recovered from Lhasa, Tibet -- site of Potala Palace, the ruined seat of Vajrayana Buddhism invaded and oppressed by China -- were sent to the University of Chandrigarh.

There they were translated into English by Dr. Ruth Reyna (, who went on to claim that the documents contain instructions on how to build spacecraft with interstellar capabilities. According to Dr. Reyna, these craft use anti-gravitational propulsion powered by laghima (Vril?) The document suddenly gained a lot of attention when it was announced that China would be including parts of the information for study as part of their space program.

The Wisdom of Alien Hybrid Children

(Mystery and Discover VI, Oct. 17, 2017) Alien hybrid children have transcendental wisdom to integrate earth. Rainbow Children, Crystal Children, Indigo Children. Playlist in the channels Mysteries of the World:, The Mystery of Spiritual World
  • UPARS LA: UFOs & Paranormal Research Society, L.A.
  • MUFON LA: Mutual UFO Network, Los Angeles 
  • ZEG: Zohar Stargate TV
  • Vegans from Vega/Lyra were first to populate earth

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