Monday, October 2, 2017

The Moon does not cause our tides (video)

World History Official, 9/27/17; P. Macpherson, S. Auberon, Pfc. Sandoval, Wisdom Quarterly
The Hunter Moon of October is the Harvest Blue Moon (

This video graphically demonstrates that the moon is not causing the earth's tides. For one thing, if it were, the water in massive lakes and rivers would also have tides. Whether the shape of the earth is this way or that, as we are hoaxed or shown by NASA, too many questions remain about the moon.
  • Rahu causes solar eclipses not Moon (Chandra)
  • Buddhist "fasting" (sabbath) day depends on Moon The Buddhist word uposatha is derived from the Sanskrit word upavasatha, which refers to the pre-Buddhistic fast day that preceded sacrifices in the historical [pre-Hindu] Vedic religion. In the Buddha's time, some wandering ascetics used the new and full moon as opportunities to present their teachings. The Sabbath (Uposatha) Day was instituted by the Buddha at the request of the enlightened Buddhist King Bimbisara. The Buddha instructed the monastics to give teachings to the laypeople on this day, and told them to recite the "Path to Liberation" Rules (Patimokkha) every second Uposatha Day or every two weeks as the weekly fasting day falls on full, new, and quarter-moon days.
Rahu in full view. Shining moon would shine.
For one thing, WHO asks, why are there no photos of our moon from space, from satellites, from Hubble? The government knows, NASA officials know, private labs know, but we are not being told.

Instead, we get demonstrably false explanations. A few are revealed in this video for those brave enough to question the status quo. Christians reading the Bible have a different story of the stars in the firmament and space. All we can say is that the standard model we are presented is incorrect. It neither accords with a biblical view (Sumerian, Babylonian, Egyptian, Jewish, Christian, even Muslim) nor a  Buddhist, Hindu, Vedic, Jain view. The truth is apparently too painful for most of us to deal with. But better to be hurt by the truth than be comforted by lies. The creator of this video, World History Official, claims to be unable to speak because of a speech disorder and so uses a robotic voice on the video. His odd writing pattern seems to back that claim. Many, he also claims, complain about this, so he has bought better speech translation software to compensate. Sounds like a facile excuse, but whatever. The facts are the facts, and we need answers to the very good questions raised.

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