Thursday, October 19, 2017

Time travelers' 10 videos from future (video)

Igor Kryan; Pat Macpherson, Pfc. Sandoval (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

Time Travelers Brought 10 Alien Videos From Future. Help Explain Them
To remove all doubts that this is actual footage from the future, look at these following videos:
  1. This is Chicago year 2040. It is not recognizable from 2017
  2. Next is San Francisco year 2020: The Sales Force Tower is complete. If looked at today, there are two cranes still building it. Also San Francisco Bay has two giant container ships that have collided, and one is burning -- an event that has yet to happen.
  3. This is Minneapolis year 2030 with most of its energy produced by city landscapes.
  4. Houston year 2040: Star Trek Enterprise is made a reality. 
Now help is needed in telling what is seen in another 10 videos from the future.

But first, about one month ago on Sept. 9, 2017, Igor Kryan said that a hurricane would hit the cities of New Orleans and Gulfport this October. The video is linked above, or see the channel. The video called: "FEMA is wrong: Hurricane Is To Hit New Orleans." People were laughing because Hurricane Irma hit Tampa in Florida and said that, well finally, great Igor Kryan was dead wrong. Look who's laughing now when Hurricane Nate is bearing down on New Orleans and Gulfport. It's certainly not me, because every single prediction we made on YouTube came true (Brexit, Trump victory, Macron victory, Texas underwater, Mexico's earthquake) and what we have seen for the coming months is far worse than has happened so far. Honestly, I was relieved when I thought I wrong about the city the hurricane hit. And I was thinking if we were wrong with New Orleans and Gulfport than when we are wrong about other things.

Yet, it turned out I was 100% right. How is this possible? Here is how: We have a chronosphere [chronovision box, time-vision unit], as I told you before, and we can not only see the future, we can make video recordings of the future. We need your help explaining these ten videos.
  1. We have recorded the Bay between Oakland and San Francisco in the near future -- but we cannot tell what in the world is going on.
  2. It seems like a strangely dressed black prophet arrived from a spaceship in the 2020s. 
  3. A monument with skulls underwater and a bronze eagle girl on top. The sign reads: All Knew It Was Coming. Made in the USA.
  4. Something huge is spiraling out of the north sky in a very strange way. We have predicted that International Space Station (ISS) would fall, but this is something very different.
  5. Very strange and huge alien looking machine that's called a human programming device. 
  6. It seems like a giant hand rising over the sun and we also cannot tell what atmospheric phenomenon we are seeing.
  7. Another monument over green water with a circle filled with diamonds hundreds of feet tall that reads: Mind over Matter.
  8. We all heard someone saying this trinity event would be occurring over the Pacific Ocean.
  9. Unknown giant beacon.
  10. Ten, entire city in panic over strangest sky phenomenon ever.
We hope someone can explain these ten strange videos from the future. [Here is another from an actual government-sponsored "chrononaut" or time traveler, attorney Andrew D. Basiago from Project Pegasus, possible future US president running on a disclosure platform. (Why not? No. 45 has made anything possible in that department):]

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