Friday, September 6, 2019

Gaia: U.S. Secret Space Program (video)

Greetings from space, hybrids. Do not be alarmed
This evidence exposes the actual space race. We may never be told the truth about secret U.S. space program or the inexplicable advanced technology of our ancient ancestors. And what we do know now isn’t making it into our official history books. Join historians, researchers, and whistleblowing insiders as they reveal the shocking evidence, paper trails, and testimonials that should completely rewrite the history of the space race. Topics covered include: More
  • Ancient extraterrestrial evidence
  • Suppressed anti-gravity technology
  • Off-planet US military bases and civilizations
  • Humanity’s progenitor race
  • Secret NASA operations and agenda
  • Lies we've been told by NASA
  • The Secret U.S. Space Program

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