Tuesday, September 3, 2019

10 Weirdest Stories: Summer 2019 (video)

Tim Binnall (Coast to Coast, 8/30/19); Pat Macpherson, Seth Auberon (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

1. Labor Day -- the unofficial end of summer -- is behind us. Let's look back at some of the weirdest stories of the hot season, beginning with a bizarre "elf" (above) filmed frolicking in a driveway. The oddity's resemblance to the Harry Potter character "Dobby" made it a viral sensation in June.

2. Another jaw-dropping story from the summer of 2019 was an undetonated WW II bomb suddenly exploding in a German farmer's field. The blast took place at night, so nobody was hurt.

3. Strange sea creatures were caught on film. One particular oddity was spotted on Lake Michigan by a webcam may be the weirdest one of all.

4. Another intriguing mystery this summer still has many scratching their heads: a baffling sculpture of a face unearthed in North Carolina.

5. Outdoor activity peaks in the summer months, so it should come as no surprise that sightings of strange creatures occur as people are out enjoying the weather. Such an incident occurred in July when fishermen filmed a cryptid "Dog Man."

6. Meanwhile, of all the unusual catches made by anglers this season, the bizarre combo of a snake attacking a fish reeled in by a man in Texas was easily the weirdest.

7. One of the most eye-catching stories this summer was an eerie "ghost city" that appeared on a lake in China due to a meteorological phenomenon known as Fata Morgana.

8. When it comes to weird creatures that left us feeling a bit uneasy this summer, what perhaps was the most unsettling was a bizarre bug filmed in Indonesia.

9. Among the many summer discoveries made by scientists is this jaw-dropping 40,000-year-old severed wolf's head found in usually frozen Siberia.

10. A look back would be incomplete without the new "Storm Area 51" movement that started in July, capturing the imagination of the public, inspiring memes and copycats, and setting the stage for a very interesting September 20th storm date.

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