Friday, September 20, 2019

Global Climate Strike (9/20-27); CC Liu, Crystal Quintero, [Seth Auberon], Wisdom Quarterly

We’ve endured another summer of record-breaking heatwaves [allegedly], floods, and refinery explosions. Enough is enough! No more government inaction and half-measures.

Big Climate Change Brother is watching you!
[We want government meddling and FULL measures, a takeover, with state-bureaucracy and federal military-intervention, Orwellian 1984-style, with the setting up of a viable and profitable corporate pollution-credit disaster-capitalist market to profit from natural carbon emissions].

It’s time to build a renewable energy economy [yes!] that works for everyone [but particularly our corporations]. Join us in the streets September 20 and the week after to demand climate justice for all.

[We're not tools for the powers-that-be, nor useful idiots; we're independent youth who want to make a difference doing what our government tells us using Noam Chomsky's idea of "manufacturing consent" until we're demanding to be ruled and billed for the privilege]. More

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