Wednesday, September 11, 2019

"Gaza Fights for Freedom" (film)

Abby Martin (Empire Files); S. Auberon, Sheldon S. Pfc. Sandoval (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

Gaza Fights for Freedom is the debut feature film by journalist Abby Martin.

It began while reporting in Palestine, where she was denied entry into Gaza (a large open air prison second only to the West Bank) by the Israeli government on the mere accusation that she was a “propagandist.”

So Martin connected with a team of journalists in Gaza to produce the film through the blockaded border.

This collaboration shows Gaza’s peaceful protest movement like it’s never been shown before. Filmed during the height of the Great March of Return demonstrations, it features riveting exclusive footage.

The documentary tells the story of Gaza past and present, showing rare archival footage that explains the history never acknowledged by mass media.

Hear from victims of the ongoing Western-style massacre, including journalists, medics, and the family of internationally-acclaimed paramedic Razan al-Najjar.

At its core Gaza Fights For Freedom is a thorough indictment of the Israeli military for war crimes and a stunning cinematic portrayal of Palestinians' heroic resistance.

Why is there currently a rental fee being charged?
  • Gaza Fights For Freedom was funded by donations from supporters. But fundraising efforts only covered about half of the production costs. Additional donations can be made at
  • Abby Martin's national Gaza Fights for Freedom tour, Sept.-Oct. 2019: in theaters nationwide. After screening tour, film will be made more accessible. Tour info:
Directed, written, and narrated by Abby Martin. Written and produced by Mike Prysner. Lead editor: Taylor Gill. Original score: Anahedron (John Prysner). Camera operators: Asmaa Attia Hamad, Moaz Mousa. Field producers: Abdulkareem Ajjour, Yousef Abd Al-Rahman Ghaben. Research assistant: Tara Stone. [Contains some images of graphic violence]. COPYRIGHT 2019. Media inquiries:

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