Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Fun FOODS for Fall: Go Vegan (Disney)

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10 must-try vegan food trucks in L.A.
Several new food trucks have emerged on the scene in the past nine months, lending the City of Angels even more options for irresistible, junky, vegan comfort food. Let's reinvigorate our love of the classics and discover strong newcomers in this vegan food truck roundup.
  • Disneyland and Walt Disney World go vegan (below)
Delicious vegan fatty (LettuceFeastLA)
Comfort food on wheels — that’s Word of Mouth in a nutshell. Created by young couple Staci Stewart and Chris Chavez in 2017, Word of Mouth has quickly risen to the top of the vegan food game in Los Angeles. They’ve been a must-try at major vegan festivals, such as Eat Drink Vegan and Vegan Playground, as well as a pop-up at other hotspots around the city like Row DTLA and Highland Park. They have a concise menu that features indulgent bites, like deep-fried mac and cheese, along with nostalgic entrees, like they’re spicy chick'n sandwich, which contains a battered and fried cauliflower stake patty, pepper jack cheez, pickled jalapeƱos, and house-made habanero aioli! It’s fire. Stay up-to-date with their events, schedules, and locations by heading to their website and Instagram. More

Vegan ingredients make better pizzas with vegan cheeses, fresh veggies, faux meats

Disney goes vegan

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