Thursday, September 12, 2019

"Gaza Fights for Freedom" (video)

Abby Martin ( via Dr. Gary Null ( via Roy of Hollywood Tuckman (; Seth Auberon, Sheldon S., Pfc. Sandoval, Wisdom Quarterly

The Plight of Palestinians and American Denialism
(The Gary Null Show) Abby Martin is one of the leading international voices among younger American journalists and media activists. She is the host of the investigative documentary news program The Empire Files that was aired on pan-Latin American network Telesur TV English.

Honest, independent newscaster Abby Martin
The Empire Files features hard hitting investigative history and insights into subjects ignored by mainstream corporate media. Earlier Abby Martin was the host of Breaking the Set on the Russia Today network ( She is a founder of the organization Media Roots, which supports citizen journalism, and serves on the board of the Media Freedom Foundation that manages Project Censored, which airs on the PRN Network.

Recently she released a breathtaking documentary film — GAZA Fights for Freedom — that puts viewers on the ground to witness the atrocities committed by Israeli military personnel against Gazans during their Great March of Return.

The feature film can be viewed on, and Empire File episodes can be viewed at and Her personal [art] website is More + LISTEN

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