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Why women can't find men (audio)

Tom Leykis (; Ashley Wells, CC Liu, Seth Auberon, Wisdom Quarterly

Why Women Can't Find Men
Radio Host Tom Leykis via fan Timothy Humphrey, Nov. 22, 2015
Author Kay S. Hymowitz joins the Tom Leykis radio show to discuss her article: "Child-Man in the Promised Land"

Child-Man in the Promised Land
Today’s single young men hang out in a hormonal limbo between adolescence and adulthood
Kay S. Hymowitz, Winter 2008 (, Jan. 28, 2008)
About half of American males aged 18 to 34 play video games -- and do so for over two hours [now far more] a day.

It’s 1965, and you’re a 26-year-old white guy. You have a factory job, or maybe you work for an insurance broker.

Either way, you’re married, probably have been for a few years now; you met your wife in high school, where she was in your sister’s class.

You’ve already got one kid, with another on the way. For now, you’re renting an apartment in your parents’ two-family house, but you’re saving up for a three-bedroom ranch house in the next town. Yup, you’re an adult!
Now meet the 21st century you, also 26. You’ve finished college and work in a cubicle in a large Chicago financial-services firm. You live in an apartment with a few single guy friends.

In your spare time, you play basketball with your buddies, download the latest indie songs from iTunes, have some fun with the Xbox 360, take a leisurely shower, massage some product into your hair and face -- and then it’s off to bars and parties, where you meet, and often bed, girls of widely varied hues and sizes.

They come from everywhere: California, Tokyo, Alaska, Australia. Wife? Kids? House? Are you kidding? More
  • Child-Man in the Promised Land (Forbes, March 2, 2011) Here's a cultural mystery for you: Adam Sandler. The list of Sandler hit movies began in 1995 with Billy Madison, the story of a porn-watching 28-year-old who goes back to elementary school. Then there was Happy Gilmore, about a loser...who dreams of becoming a professional hockey player despite the fact that he can't skate. Excerpted from Kay Hymowitz's Manning Up: How the Rise of Women Has Turned Men into Boys.
  • Sexist RESPONSE to Child-Man in the Promised Land ( Men are better than women at being 20. This holds today as much as it ever did -- including in 1965. Here is my response.

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