Saturday, September 7, 2019

Buddhist-Catholic Jack Kerouac (audio)

Gerald Nicosia, Mitch Jeserich (, 9/4/19); CC Liu, Dhr. Seven, Wisdom Quarterly

Gerald Nicosia, author of Kerouac: The Last Quarter Century, explains the influential American Buddhist writer of Dharma Bums, the myth, and the controversy over his stolen estate. He wrote at least nine books but was rarely studied or taken seriously by academia. Letters & Politics Host Mitch Jeserich digs ( into the mystery. LISTEN
Kerouac: The Last Qtr. Century
In his latest book, Kerouac: The Last Quarter Century, Gerald Nicosia takes a comprehensive look at Jack Kerouac’s legacy -- how he went from a fading leader of Beatniks, with most of his books out of print, to the pinnacle he occupies today, universally considered one of the top American writers of the 20th century.

Nicosia is one of Kerouac’s great champions, but he also looks at the dark side.  He examines the in-laws who control Kerouac’s estate today: They forged a will. It's an incredible story that has been kept under wraps for a decade. What happened to Kerouac's real family, his daughter Jan, his sister Caroline and her family? This book has lots of new pictures. And it looks at posthumously published works as well as the fate of Kerouac's archives.

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