Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Secrets of the pineal gland: science (video)

Emily Frances (i24NEWS English, 10/27/17; Amber Larson, Crystal Q. (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

Secrets of Pineal Gland: scientific proof
Spiritual Coach Ronny Hatchwell joins news anchor Emily Frances, the gesticulating beauty. What if the nightly news told us things this every night? Maybe in the future it will. They might have to be sensationalist for the sake of ratings and get some details wrong, but it'd be a start. We need the truth, and it would be good if the news could provide it. The third eye or dibba cakkhu in Buddhism (Sanskrit divya drishti of the ajna chakra, "the divine perception of the third eye") is not the "seat of the soul," which is on the heart. But the third eye is the center of Buddhist psychic powers ("direct knowledges") or abhinnas (siddhis) like clairvoyance. Trending: i24news English News with Emily Frances.

  • (joijj joijj) There is a range of shamanic [entheogenic] drugs that [restore our] ability to use the pineal gland. But such things are extremely rare and have been made illegal by nearly every world government.
  • (RatDaddy) This was the reason for schools using fluoride [a toxic byproduct of aluminum production] on kids, to destroy the pineal gland. [Nazis used fluoride in concentration work camps to dumb down and control prisoners, as it reduces motivation and the use of the pineal gland, which it calcifies].
  • (1nails1) The Vatican knows [because] they stole and ransacked things out of Egypt and said [they were] was their discoveries.

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