Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Pope's Gay, Child Molesting Scandal

Don't be afraid to become priests, says Pope Benedict
(AFP) Pope Benedict XVI has urged young people to follow "the call" to the priesthood, as the Catholic Church struggles to shake off the impact of a series of homosexual sex abuse scandals.

"Don't be afraid, dear young people, if the Lord calls you to the religious, monastic, or missionary life," the pope urged in a message issued ahead of World Youth Day on March 28.

"He can impart deep joy to those who respond with courage," wrote the pope, who is struggling with an avalanche of predator [child molesting] priest scandals in several European countries.

"I wish to exhort youths and adolescents to be very attentive to a call from the Lord...on the path of a priestly ministry," he said.

Those who instead "sense a [heterosexual] calling to marriage" should embrace it "with faith, promising to lay a solid foundation to live a great and faithful love." More>>

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