Tuesday, March 23, 2010

News from Space (video)

(Space Flight Now) There are beings who reside in various spheres above Earth. They are called akasha devas in Buddhist cosmology, long in contact with human leaders, and their worlds range from Parinirmitta to Asura. Humans are reaching into their realm. The International Space Station (ISS) gets a room with a view like no other. Many wish NASA had as clear a view of what is next in space. "This Week in Space" talks to the exiled president of the "Constellation Nation," former NASA boss Mike Griffin, who equates the Obama decision to Nixon's cancellation of Apollo, only worse. Space Adventures' Eric Anderson, a leading space entrepreneur says the Obama plan is "brilliant...a masterstroke of US Space policy." Head spinning? Why not join him for a beautiful, relaxing ride on a Zeppelin! Yes, seven decades after the infamous "Oh, the humanity!" moment in New Jersey, the big airships are floating on a new wave of public interest.

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