Friday, March 26, 2010

A novel approach to the New Atheism

Nathalie Rothschild (the spiked review of books)
Maybe human beings are fundamentally irrational – why else did I read Rebecca Goldstein's clunky, academic, atheistic novel 36 Arguments for the Existence of God from cover to cover? It’s post-9/11 and, in the East and the West, the world has gone mad with zealotry. It has fallen to smart people, like the Prius-driving, 42-year-old psychologist Cass Seltzer, to remind the world of Enlightenment values, to "knock some sense back into the species," even though they probably have better things to do. For Cass, though, this state of affairs is not so much a burden as a source of personal fortune. That is what Cass, a professor of the psychology of religion, is pondering during a nocturnal walk through a freezing Cambridge in Massachusetts in the opening chapter... More>>

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