Wednesday, March 17, 2010

News of the Day: Bin Laden's Birthday, Zen...

VIDEO - Debunking myth of 72 virgins (theuglytruth) - Koran's 72 virgins? (straightdope)

FOX VIDEO It was recently Osama bin Laden's birthday. We know the bogeyman doesn't exist. He's simply a character taken out of the dystopic classic 1984. His "real" name is Emmanuelle Goldstein. But administration after administration finds him too valuable to drop. The Bush's flew the only planes in the sky after 9/11 for his family members (here on oil business) to be ferried out of the country to wherever they wanted. That ought to tell you enough of the military-industrial complex's complicity in the war pretext preparing. But it's too hard for anyone to believe. So happy birthday, Goldstein/bin Laden! And for anyone who does think he exists and poses the greatest threat to democracy and freedom (because he just hates that freedom, like all good terrorist do) -- how would we explain this story?

Holder: Osama bin Laden will never face US trial
WASHINGTON – Attorney General Eric Holder told Congress yesterday that Osama bin Laden will never face trial in the United States because he will not be captured alive. Interesting how he could be so sure. In testy exchanges with House Republicans, the attorney general compared terrorists to mass murderer Charles Manson. Then he predicted that events would ensure "we will be reading Miranda rights to the corpse of Osama bin Laden" not to the al-Qaida leader as a captive.


Many massage clients seek out massage to help manage or reduce pain. New research shows Zen meditation can reduce sensitivity to pain. Researchers from the University of Montréal made their discovery by comparing the grey matter thickness of Zen meditators and non-meditators. They found evidence that practicing the centuries-old discipline of Zen can reinforce a central brain region (anterior cingulate) that regulates pain, according to a university press release."Through training, Zen meditators appear to thicken certain areas of their cortex.

Montana: The Dalai Lama to visit Missoula
Members of the Buddhist community of Ewam Montana in Arlee announced that the Dalai Lama, leader of Tibetan Buddhists, will come to western Montana to consecrate the Garden of 1,000 Buddhas when it is completed. Luke Hanley, manager of the Buddha Barn at the Ewam Magadha Garden of One Thousand Buddhas is waiting for 550 more [statues] to be made and placed. As soon as there are 1,000 Buddhas in Arlee, they'll be visited by one Dalai Lama.

Nepal to offer Mt. Everest weddings
Nepal plans to offer same-sex couples the possibility of getting married at the Everest base camp and of honeymooning on a Himalayan trek or adventure tour. But the country also wants a chunk of the multibillion-dollar gay tourist market. Tourism is one of the main drivers of the Nepalese economy, and the government hopes to double the number of visitors next year to one million. Source

(KTLA) What some people won't do to win a bet or prove a point (like how foolish they are). Here are yet more examples of why drinking violates one of the Five Precepts. You might do everything right in life then, on account of a drink, go right down the tube.
Cambodia was once a powerful imperial seat of Buddhism -- like Afghanistan, Indonesia, China, and the Maldives -- that was eventually overrun by Nagas and Naga worship. Its art, jungle location, and imperial ambitions parallel the Mayan empire, which unbelievably was also exposed to Buddhism.

The real Tiger's Nest is built into a sheer cliffside in what was until recently the last Himalayan Buddhist kingdom, Bhutan. But building monasteries so remotely that they are almost unreachable is nothing new. Even formerly Buddhist China has a miraculous example.

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