Friday, March 19, 2010

Science proves power of invisibility

Cloak of invisibility closer to reality
Researchers cloak a tiny bump in a layer of gold using a three-dimensional cloaking device. "Completely scalable" - Cloaking technology - Invisible to radar - New yet familiar planet

COMMENTARY: Buddhism began as a Dharma practiced by wandering ascetics in India. Such ascetics were familiar with meditative states of concentration and their results. One of those results is the difficult to balance and ultimately distracting pursuit of things like invisibility in the quest for enlightenment. Nevertheless, such things are possible. Science (a form of materialism that existed even in the Buddha's time) is verifying what mystics have long been aware of; the difference, however, is that mystics are able to cloak themselves without external technology. Wisdom Quarterly has already covered scientific verification for levitation (abhijna) and Dr. Michio Kaku's Science of the Impossible and his companion show, "Physics of the Impossible," on the Science Channel.

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