Friday, April 16, 2010

Coachella Music Festival (review)

This video makes it look great, but it's a great illusion!

Coachella looks great. You'd think it was Woodstock. You'd think it was Burning Man. You'd think it was fun. It is actually boring. Very boring. Why? It's daylight, it's hot, it's spread out. This is what you paid $300+ for? (Go see for yourself: Save your money, and come without a ticket). But bring money. You'll need it. Whether you pay through the nose or get in free, what's it like inside?

It's a big LAWN. It's a big yawn. There is no spontaneity, precious little creativity. It's completely corporate. And it's disgustingly sunny -- desert by day, cold by night. There's no sex to speak of; drugs are hidden, and rock 'n roll? It's an amusement park.

Try to find a band you like. You end up running around until you'll settle for anything. And if you do chance on something interesting, it's over in a few minutes. You'd have a better time in someone's backyard party with a live band. What art? Fashion. What spirituality? There are lots of inhibited Christians waving Hang Ten fingers in the air and hoisting cheap beer in plastic cups. Come, but first lower your expectations.

What to do instead?
Nazis are coming to downtown LA. March against them. The Santa Monica pier is celebrating Earthday (FREE). Celebrate the Earth. There's a giant hippy fest, Topanga Earthday, all weekend. Act like a hippy. Howard Zinn is being lionized on Sunday. Learn what the greatest historian had to say. Get down to Helm's Bakery... Get creative spending the $300+ you saved.

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