Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Should the Pope be Arrested?

Critics call for Pope to be put on trial (The Guardian)
Atheist Richard Dawkins backs campaign to arrest Pope
(BBC News) The Vatican has defended the Pope, saying the Pope is willing to meet more victims of clerical abuse, while the Church has published an internet guide as to...
Prominent British atheists endorse efforts to seek pope's arrest

Vatican goes into damage control mode over abuse
Jury orders Boy Scouts to pay man $1.4 million in sex abuse case
Catholic League president: Priests aren’t pedophiles, molesting children is "what gays do"
In another coup for the seemingly part-time political pundit Bill Donohue, CNN broadcast on Tuesday a conversation about the Catholic church's thousands of pedophilia scandals that would be awkward to even over-hear in public, let alone broadcast nation-wide. That's because Donohue, who presides over the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, decided... More>>

Ex-priest in Vatican child molestation case
Change of heart? The Vatican has a new policy: On Monday the Vatican responded to allegations it concealed clerical sex abuse by making it clear for the first time that bishops and clerics should report such crimes to police if required by law.
Pope's ivory tower past adds to his detachment
VATICAN CITY – Long before entering Vatican life, Joe Ratzinger (now Pope Benedict XVI) won renown as a theologian and a German university professor, penning more than 40 books and winning a devoted following of students who respected his prodigious memory and brilliant mind. One thing absent from his resume? Letter reignites Vatican fight - Vatican feels under attack

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