Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Yoga cult founder sued for sex abuse, resigns

Dahn Yoga [cult] founder sued for brain washing and sex abuse
Kai Falkenberg (Forbes.com)
Last July we reported on an Arizona lawsuit against Dahn Yoga & Health Centers, a national chain of 139 yoga centers. The plaintiffs, 27 former Dahn Yoga practitioners, claimed they were brainwashed and duped into spending thousands of dollars on Dahn yoga classes and retreats. The suit also charged that Ilchi Lee, the 57-year-old Korean founder of Dahn and its spiritual leader, sexually preyed on young female disciples. Dahn, Lee, and the other defendants have denied the charges and called the allegations frivolous. But the suit, apparently, has taken its toll on the spiritual leader. Last week he announced his resignation... More>>

The best Yoga Apps: a comprehensive review
As a serious Classical Yoga teacher and technology maven, I wanted to do a comprehensive review of Yoga iPhone apps to weed out the best from the rest and hopefully give yogis some insight into the differing types of iPhone apps available.

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