Saturday, July 28, 2012

World Peace Pilgrimage (Mt. Baldy); JKiser, Pacifica Radio; Wisdom Quarterly
Faiths are uniting for world peace high above on Los Angeles' "holy mountain."
For the past three years over 200 people from different faiths have come together on sacred Mount Baldy.
Often snow capped high in the San Gabriel mountain range in eastern Los Angeles County towering over the city, the gathering sends out waves of love and light to the world from its communication center.

This annual event draws together pilgrims from all walks of life gathering together, hiking together, singing together, and "praying" together for the sake of co-creating world peace as a blessing to Mother Earth and all her inhabitants.
This is a FREE EVENT (other than the cost of the ski-lift). For pilgrimage logistics and to register, see... More

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