Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summoning UFOs over Los Angeles

Pat Macpherson, Seth Auberon, Wisdom Quarterly (July 4th, 2012)

Various types of UFO craft (vimanas)
Robert Bingham (photo gallery at can really do it. He can summons UFOs. It is neither magic nor is he the only one. Higher order inhabitants of such crafts have telepathic abilities or possess onboard technology that reads intention and hearts.
Close up shows hovering metallic orb that zipped away
Bingham communicates with them, he alleges, and they inspire him to come out and see -- and even photograph -- them. Many people have. The most incredible footage is shot near his home.

Some of it is so startling as to defy belief. Finally, he has a website to display it independent of the increasingly ridiculous Third Phase of Moon (with its jumping and bobbing Tyrannosaurus rex sightings).
What are they? Bingham, like the indigenous people of tour neighboring country , calls them "angels." They are very much extraterrestrials, advanced humanoid beings, and members of a Federation.
  • Who? Anyone and everyone.
  • What? UFO (ships, saucers, shape-shifting craft, drones, and scouts) sightings in broad daylight (but at a considerable distance so bring enhancing equipment for a better look and proof to show skeptics).
  • When? Check the new website: Come before he is officially discredited or more permanently "neutralized" for daring to bring public attention to this top secret topic.
  • Where? MindsZENty Square at Park and 6th, next to Levitt Pavilion in MacArthur Park.
  • Why? To see for yourself because "seeing is believing."
Does Wisdom Quarterly believe Bingham? Some editors do. No one questions his sincerity, but not everyone is equally convinced they are alien craft. What is happening accords with Buddhist, indigenous, and the lore of many of the world's religions. Whether they are akasha devas ("shining ones" from space), angels ("messengers" from other planets), archangels (powerful beings who send the messages), or simply another part of the dazzling pantheon of earthly and otherworldly beings remains to be seen.

Where the garudas (avian-hybrids, eagle beings) look down, where the devas ("shining ones" or deities) stand guard, near the MacArthur Park lake, near the park's Levitt Pavilion, at 6th and Park Plaza, in Mindszenty Square, anyone can SEE for themselves, take pictures, and decide for themselves.

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