Thursday, July 19, 2012

Human Barbie voted world's most beautiful

Wisdom Quarterly
India's Kaif in pink at the launch of the Barbie doll she inspired (
FHM has voted Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif, 27, the world's most beautiful woman, an honor that follows her very own sari-clad Barbie doll debut at the 50th anniversary of the iconic doll in 2009. She has been a reader favorite four four years running as the "sexiest woman alive." According to India Journal Kaif defines "sexy" as not being about her clothes. "The sexiest thing is not trying. For me to wear a cotton sari, be without makeup, and still be desirable is sexy." What skillful karma could have led to her beauty, fame, success, and influence? The Buddha on Beauty
Devi and Punk Barbie (;
B.S. Obama's birth certificate is fake (AP)

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