Friday, July 6, 2012

Paranormal TV: Hollow Earth Exploration (video)

; Wisdom Quarterly

Dr. Hank Krastman presents an incredible amount of evidence for there being an entrance to our hollow Earth. It was stumbled upon and documented by Navy Admiral Byrd. Yet, people unfamiliar with his expedition while in the military, scoff at the very thought then attempt to use their tiny and erroneous understanding of physics to disprove the very possibility of his confirming flight. 
Never mind that the governments of the world ban all photographs of the poles that might show the openings when they are uncloaked. Why would just this view of the Earth from space or from low flying craft over the Arctic and Antarctic be impossible to find? Great modern explorers like Dr. Brooks Agnew (video) are trying to get to the bottom of the mystery.
Unidentified flying objects relate to the center of this planet. The Native American Hopis have legends telling how and where to enter the hollow Earth. One can dismiss it out of hand or investigate and realize how much we have yet to learn that is being kept from us because corporate and governmental forces are not interested in an enlightened society so much as a complacent and, preferably, a much smaller one. 
Wisdom Quarterly continues to ask, Why do things really happen? Why are we lied by the government and even our most hallowed institution like the university, the church, the laboratory?

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