Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hollow Earth Expedition 2012 (video)

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2012 North Pole Expedition
Brooks Agnew Ph.D. discussed possible cataclysms that may occur around 2012. And he offered an update on his planned North Pole Inner Earth Expedition.

The current timetable is to embark on the expedition in August 2009, traveling to the Arctic region aboard a nuclear powered icebreaker. A helicopter and ship stored in the icebreaker will be used to advance scout for the opening reported in the gradual curvature of the crust, he detailed.

Agnew said ancient Mesoamericans described visits from the "Shining Ones" (the literal translation of Buddhist devas) -- possible ETs, who may have imparted knowledge of astronomy, architecture, and agricultural practices.

One of the Mayans' complex calendrical systems ends in 2012, coinciding with the Earth aligning with a black hole in the center of the galaxy, Brooks outlined. This positioning will cause planets to heat up in the solar system, potentially wreaking havoc with our climate, he said.

A pole shift could take place within a short time period -- three to five days. And the reversal of northern and southern hemispheric patterns could set up a "global superstorm," with 300 mph winds lasting up to a month, Agnew warned. More at Disclose.TV

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