Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Keeping up with the Cold War Joneses (video)

Wisdom Quarterly

The human experimentation going on underground in subterranean military bases is astounding but hidden. Whatever Dr. Mengele and his boss were promoting or permitting, the US did not want to be left behind. There was not only a space race, but a weapons race, supernatural race (remote viewing), and a eugenics/medical advances race. The Russians and the Nazis before them could not be allowed to surpass the Americans.

What were the Russians up to? We find that out only through leaks since there is no central clearing house for the former Soviet Union and its many members. But as things get so advanced, it seems silly to hide early experiment and proofs of principle. The bodiless dog is just that. It is so unbelievable -- heartless clinical vivisection -- that it is easier to view it as Cold War anti-USSR propaganda instead. But it is real and it merely hints and all that is happening on and below American soil.

It may hurt the feelings of the parents of children afflicted with a rare premature-aging condition; nevertheless, one cannot help but notice how much these youthful individuals resemble human-extraterrestrial hybrids, the result of implantation or subsequent failed genetic manipulation.

Cloning and hybrid DNA experiments have been going on for decades (and nagas have been conducting them much longer) -- possibly producing Bigfoot type humanoids from the manipulation of close genetic relatives.

First contact took place long ago, and those many and varied unearthly beings gave the Pentagon and other above-top-secret movers and shakers a history lesson about the planet that bears little resemblance to anything we will find in textbooks. Hidden archeology, advanced alien technology, everything but immovable megalithic structures are denied, dismissed, and actively denounced. We are not allowed to know. But someone does. And from time to time, bits and pieces are leaked.

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