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Curing cancer with (banned) Rife technology

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Healing with light and sound is the medicine of the future (

The Reasonable Persons Guide to Strange Ideas next examines one of the most astounding claims on the Net.

Overview of Claims

Some claim that Dr. Royal Raymond Rife (1) developed a super microscope, (2) was able to see live viruses, (3) which gave off their own unique light [frequencies], by which he found that (4) all the forms of human cancer he studied were caused by the same viral infection (BX virus), and that (5) these cancer viruses will shatter both on microscope slides and in living animals when exposed to certain frequencies. (6) His 1934 Rife Ray Equipment at the University of Southern California cured 14 helpless cancer cases after three months and eventually 100% of the 16 cures attempted. (7) Rife worked with top people in medicine at his time including doctors at the Mayo Clinic. (8) Rife won scientific awards. (9) Drug companies and electron microscope competition suppressed him and all others who succeeded in duplicating his work.

Was Rife a scam artist? Or did he cure cancer?

The Rife Microscopes
No one doubts that Royal Raymond Rife was a real individual who did indeed create several unique microscopes. Some very fine pictures of his scopes exist today. The one below is the Universal Microscope, one of five scopes purported to have been capable of seeing living viruses.

One microscope expert reading this article wrote that Baush and Lomb offered Rife "a ton of money" in the late 1930s. But B&L ran because the microscope was a fraud. So far my request for documentation of this claim has gone unanswered as has the question: If no Rife scope worked, how does one explain the nice photos of Tetanus spores and Typhoid Bacillus taken by Rife's Universal Microscope published in the 1944 Smithsonian Report?

Goal of This Article
This author hopes to entice readers to think, to learn, and to explore science. This article (still a work in progress) will walk through various Rife claims from the perspective of an open minded independent scientist. The aim is to make this intelligible to anyone with a basic high school or college education. To understand the claims, a few terms must first be defined. More

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