Sunday, June 26, 2011

Legal Islamic Sex Slavery?

Nonie Darwish (, June 13, 2011)
"Slut walks," such as this one in London, protest the abuse of women (AFP/Carl Court).

Russian Blondes Wanted for Islamic Sexual Slavery
When Muslim sheikhs discuss the topic of the sexual enslavement of women -- which is allowed in the Qur’an -- it sounds politically incorrect to the majority of Muslims.

They have long forgotten that slavery is a well-established institution in Islam. Saudi Arabia officially abolished slavery only in 1962, not because Islam made the Saudis do it, but because the US-backed Saudis wanted to save face after an international cry against modern slavery.

But now some Muslims are demanding its return. So Muslim spinmeisters are advocating the embarrassing, but legal, topic through the mouths of Muslim women.

A Kuwaiti woman (Salwa al-Mutair), a former candidate to the Kuwaiti parliament and called an “activist,” spoke to the Kuwait Times about the establishment of a new law permitting men to buy and sell non-Muslim girls, captured in jihad, as sexual slaves.

It is said said that this is in order to protect Muslim men against seductive sexual immorality. The Arabic Al Arabiya had more details on what Ms. Salwa al-Mutairi is advocating:

Ms. Mutairi was nice enough to put the minimum age at 15 for slave girls to be sold, whether Christian, Jew, or other. She demanded the immediate establishment of slave agencies just like maid agencies... More

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Kamran Qayyum Khan said...

Please allow me to disagree 'totally' from what is written above. It is islam or no matter what religion, slavery is not allowed without any exceptions. Muslim armies are NOT allowed to even touch the captives let alone having sex. Who ever did whatever in history in whatever context, is anything but not something Islam allows.

The modern Arabs nowadays are buying sex-slaves just because they can afford to pay $$$. And unfortunately there are regions in this world who are ready to earn money for dignity.

Be "Not For Sale" - and no Arab or any X,Y,Z bastard will be able to make you his/her slave.

I mean it's not religion, it's just money that is to be held responsible.

Well, man allowed to have 4 wives in Islam is a law that is very well elaborated and organized. By reading it thoroughly would prove that, wives can not be slaves in Islam. For example; your wife can charge you $$$ to breast feed your child. So, having 4 wives, is a maximum limit - only if a man is physically strong and financially sound enough to support all of them "Equally". This equality is the main clause that helps protecting the mis-use of this law.

Moreover, in modern days, Muslim scholars do believe that it is almost impossible to afford 4 women at the same time "Equally" therefore, indirectly this facility becomes 'not-allowed'.


Anyway, sorry for all this lengthy paragraphs. The to the point thing is - Slavery in any form or shape is NOT allowed in Islam. What Arabs or any X,Y,Z is doing in not Islam. Islam is what it is in Quran.