Friday, June 17, 2011

"Mindful Music Night" (Against the Stream)

Against the Stream Meditation Society (Melrose), Dharma Punx
Wonderful artists are on the bill in Hollywood tonight, musicians who are also meditators: Against the Stream's very own Pablo Das, the sublime Patrick Hildebrand of the Ooks of Hazard, Buddhist yogi Rick Colella ("Rick Chant") doing wild and jazzy kirtan, and the irrepressible Andy Sykora banging amazing gongs. The evening will consist of instruction in "music meditation," followed by four half-hour sets/sits. The nigh will close with food and merry-making.
  • (Triycycle) “This is why we come early,” Buddhist singer-songwriter Ravenna Michalsen says for the third time this trip, as we search for the correct turn into Wellesley College. She’s playing a show for the college’s Buddhist Community tonight, and we’ve driven up to Massachusetts from New Haven, Connecticut, where various karmic causes and conditions have brought the two of us together again for another semester....

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