Friday, June 24, 2011

Q: Amazing News Alerts (ALERTS)

Russia, China sign deal to switch to trade in Rubles, Yuan: Russia and China will switch to trade in rubles and yuan to boost bilateral trade and economic cooperation, following an agreement signed between the central banks of both countries, Russian Central Bank Deputy Chairman Viktor Melnikov said on Thursday. "This agreement allows for settlements through Russian and Chinese banks not only in the freely convertible currencies but also in the yuan and the ruble," Melnikov said. More

Peter Schiff: US set to default, silver headed to $200: With gold back above $1,550 and silver firming, today King World News interviewed Peter Schiff, President of Europacific Capital. When asked about the mining shares Schiff stated, “Well I think they are throwing these stocks away. I mean gold is less than $20 from a record high, yet if you look at the HUI (Gold Bugs Index) a 16% rally is what it would need just for the index to get back to where it was when gold was less than $20 higher than its current price. You look at some of the big gold mining companies, Barrick Gold is trading at 10 times forward earnings, 10 times earnings! More

TSA plans screening Americans in their homes: Think you could avoid the TSA's body scanners and pat-downs by not flying, taking the train or bus, then you're wrong. The TSA wants to come to your home to complete searches on U.S. citizens even if you do not use any public transport. "This is just the next step in our special TSA pre-crime initiative where everyone will be screened before they even embark on any type of journey. We've heard bad things about you folks who are not even traveling or avoiding public places just because you don't want your groin groped or an internal body search. Well, we have news for you, we'll be knocking on your doors at home to body search you there as well," TSA head, John Lacerta Pistole, told the Washington Observer. More

Technocracy’s Endgame: Global Smart Grid
China's Espionage Threat
Turkish and Syrian Forces In Tense Cross-Border Standoff
Syrians Pour Into Turkey As Tanks Enter Border Zone
40 Killed After Multiple Bombs Explode in Baghdad
Israel Ready To Intercept Gaza-Bound Flotilla, UN Envoy Says
Islamists Break Pakistan's Military Ranks
War Counsel
Russia, China Sign Deal To Switch To Trade In Rubles, Yuan
Peter Schiff - US Set to Default, Silver Headed to $200
Lindsey Williams & Alex Jones: Earth Shattering Events to Come
Ayn Rand Was Right: Wealthy Are on Strike Against Obama
NY Fed Won't Say How Much Money Went to Iraq
Saab Runs Out Of Cash To Pay Wages
Getting Ready for the Next Big Solar Storm
Earth in the Balance, Humankind on the Edge
Forty Five Seconds of Hell
Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant: Radioactive Plume Projections Released For the CONUS
TSA Plans Screening Americans in their Homes
TSA Set To Take Legal Action Against Texas Groping Ban
2 Men Arrested in Plot to Attack Seattle Military Recruiting Station
Cowardly British Cops Cover Up Muslim Crime
Nuclear Experts Killed In Russia Plane Crash Helped Design Iran Facility
Prosecuting The Public
How to ZAP a Camera
Pennsylvania County Rejects Agenda 21
Letter From An Agnostic
Do the Largest Structures in the Universe Contradict Current Theory?
Applied DNA Sciences Successfully Marks Mission-Critical Microchips for the Department of Defense
Lytro: The Camera That Could Change Photography Forever

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