Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Jewish threats: No Gaza Peace Flotilla (video)

(, June 27, 2011) A flotilla carrying humanitarian aid bound for Gaza is set to depart from Greece. Israel has already warned that it will not let the convoy reach its destination [even if it has to kill defenseless peace activists like it did last time]. It also said foreign journalists who take part will be banned from working in Israel for 10 years.

Imagine Jewish Americans standing up to the nearly all-powerful Israel (in cahoots with the US Department of War and our many clandestine services). It's amazing. It gives me hopes that the outrageous criminal behavior of Israel, who calls it "defense" and "victimization" while Palestine withers away strangled by a capricious blockade, repeated infiltration by tanks and soldiers, aerial bombing, wall building, land usurpation, checkpoints... It's too much.


It was too much years ago. How Gaza has survived, as a helpless "Arab world" looks on, is unknown. And why the US government presses Israel to utterly destroy it makes less sense. It's all very biblical, as if the powers that be insist on an end time narrative spelled out in Middle Eastern terms. Armageddon is a place after all. It is more famous for a future war to be waged there if Israel and Western powers have their way. One Israel is worth ten CIAs, a CIA official once observed. We [the CIA, Pentagon, NSA, DOD] need it. But is incurring the hatred of the world as we collude in extravagant ways with Israel to cover our war crimes and theirs? Those veto votes sure come in handy. Germany, the world's monetary ruler, can't even get hold of such a vote. Palestine can't even get NATO recognition.

We have to remember, "Israel" is a complete fabrication with subsequent biblical justification, not the other way around as we are told. History has to adjust to fit the human plans on the ground. And any scholar who points out discrepancies is quickly dismissed, denounced, and when possible destroyed. Yet people speak out against anti-Arab injustice. Conscience compels us even as allegiance to Judaism or Zionism compels many American and Israeli Jews to muzzle themselves, sit on their hands, look the other way, or actually try to defend the right wing Israeli government no matter what. And Christian fundamentalists in America leap on the bandwagon to make points with a tribal God they feel sure wants them to destroy "infidels" (like Arabs in the Holy Land) and defend the "chosen people" no matter what.

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