Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Is Obama Gay, Bisexual? (video)

Is our beloved president (of US, Inc.), who was born out of the country and is sure to be re-(s)elected, concealing other secrets? If the great communicator is gay, that's between him, his lovers, and Michelle. But how does it affect the extent to which he is controlled to take pro-war stands regarding Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan, Libya, and Iraq? The Pentagon probably doesn't mind his or Hillary's stand on gay marriage. He could save the US 100 billion by ending the wars on Iraq and Afghanistan. But if he's blackmailed by information he has to keep secret, what promise of "change" can he fulfill?
Hillary's lesbianism has long been rumored, her affair with Huma, making passes at women... But who knew she would take as fierce a pro-war stand as Cheney or Rumsefld?

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