Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pepsi's cannibalism; GM weed; disease

Pepsi is promoting cannibalism, but the reason for it is worse than the technicality
Broadcasting thoughts and disease: scalar waves
The US military and other countries have new and unimaginable weapons. Finally witnessing the disasters being planned, we must be alert to see if new scalar electronic Ex Caliber is being exposed. Tom Bearden says:

"At least 10 nations (and the Japanese [mafia, the] Yakuza) now have such scalar interferometry weapons, and of course others are working on them. Tests of such weapons -- by several nations or groups, including the Yakuza/Aum Shinrikyo -- have been conducted into the very sparsely settled Western Australia (as a convenient practice range) for some years now (

There are two amazing capabilities of scalar (longitudinal) interferometers -- "broadcasting" [disseminating through the airwaves] disease and broadcasting thoughts. This completely changes the world. Hundreds of these devices already exist and have been undergoing secret testing for decades. It must therefore be assumed that they are up and running, ready to trigger mass effects on any area of the world.

These effects are the outbreak of disease in a given location. This is why vaccination campaigns, chemtrails, and now embryo and blood derivatives as flavoring "enhancers" are important. They combine to enhance the effectiveness of this new technology, according to Steve Quayle.

Super secret rogue elements and secret agencies are eager to deploy them in war. And before long, even a unruly citizenry will be subject to them. Who will ban them the way once unimaginable nuclear weapons were banned? More

Forced abortion and sterilization in overpopulated China

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Anonymous said...

"Human embryos used as flavor enhancers in Pepsi"

Um NO, not quite. Fetal cell lines that have been grow for a long time in a lab are used a in a laboratory testing process. The linked article clearly states that there fetal cell are not actually used in the flavors themselves. I find it FAR more acceptable to use fetal cell lines grown in vitro rather than living animals capable of suffering.