Sunday, June 26, 2011

War in "Heaven" (Space), Our Hollow Earth

() The video is smoking gun evidence of hostile military action towards advanced extraterrestrial spacecraft, photographed during NASA Space Shuttle mission STS-48.

Since our governments are engaged in a secret war with other civilizations from distant worlds, there are serious questions to ask.

  • Who authorized it? Why are we attacking advanced UFOs, even with ET help from other alien groups on Earth?

There is a growing controversy over what actually happened. NASA ridiculously dismisses the dispute claiming that these are just "ice particles." But as this short documentary clip shows, such a dismissal or preposterous explanation is not good enough.

Watching the sequence reveals that the most likely explanation is that an advanced spacecraft was the victim of a ground-based laser or missile strike. Considering the fact that this object maneuvered from 0 to 3000 MPH in about 1 second, the inertia would have killed any human passengers using traditional Earth-based propulsion and space technology.

Based on this fact alone, we can assume that there is a high probability that this spacecraft is of extraterrestrial origin.

Parallel world hidden inside Earth, June 6, 2011

It seems that scientists find more and more evidence to prove the existence of parallel worlds. Physicists at Stanford University managed to calculate the hypothetical number of universes that were formed as a result of the Big Bang.

According to them, the Big Bang created 101016 universes. It is quite possible, though, that they may exist inside one another, including our planet. Therefore, there is probably another Earth hidden inside planet Earth.

The hollow Earth theory can be traced back to ancient periods of the history of human civilization. Ancient wise men believed that there was a whole underground world with its underground creatures living inside the planet. It may seem to many that it is only a primeval and naïve perception of the structure of the world.

In ancient Greece, there was a myth about Tartar -- the ominous underground world. The philosopher Anaxagoras (5th century A.D.) built a model of creation made of the flat Earth surrounded by an air sphere and a cloud of ether. He wrote about the existence of the parallel world with its people, cities, and even celestial bodies. If planet Earth is the center of the universe, where do these people live? Do they live under the ground? More


United States Patent 1096102: "The Hollow Earth Theory"
On Nov. 25, 1912 Marshall B. Gardner of Aurora, Kane County, Illinois, USA, submitted his discovery application to the United States Patent Office. Eighteen months later, on May 12, 1914, this federal agency granted Gardner US patent 1096102, the second most important scientific document ever issued. Its scientific significance is exceeded only by the mechanical flight discovery of Orville and Wilbur Wright in 1903. For reasons which even Mr. Gardner could not have fully anticipated in the early 1900s, but which are now abundantly clear, his discovery soon became the most highly classified military secret of all time.

NASA image of hollow Earth with explanation

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