Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Alien implants? Dr. Leir has proof (video)

Last night L.A. Marzulli related a strange scientific tale on Coast to Coast AM. Research is being done on alien implants by Dr. Roger Leir. These devices have been surgically removed from patients. However, they then seem to reconstruct themselves within 24 hours. It is possible that the implants are being used to alter human DNA. Both Marzulli and Dr. Leir conjecture that such technology might be a prototype for the biblical prophecy known as the "mark of the beast" (666). In a coming deception humankind will be offered an implanted chip by being told that it is able to extend the average human lifespan to 500 disease-free years. Would they then not only accept but demand it?

Incredible events that cannot be explained

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