Saturday, June 18, 2011

UFOs are common: How to see them (video)

Spielberg's hit movie centers around kids who film something that changes their lives.

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." We live in a time of dissonance: we actually have to work hard not to see what is going on all around us. Meditation can be this way. We miss the forest for the trees. But we are alone in there. And it's not easy to "let things happen." Surely there is something we should be doing.

How to capture UFOs on camera

Out here among everyone, it should be a lot easier. But when we are all in denial, all unaware of what is looming and lurking, it becomes easier to abide in denial. If the dogs were barking and people were scurrying, there would be no resting. With everyone staring at their phones, on drugs, exhausted, distracted, and hungry for stimulation and connection, what chance is there to look up in the sky and see what is right there?

How can I see a UFO?
Anyone who wants to see alien craft can go to Dr. Stephen Greer, Richard C. Hoagland, or Ed Grimsley and literally SEE the forms that are there to be seen. "Seeing is believing," we say, but it is not true. Many who have seen still come away "nonbelievers."

Believing has nothing to do with certainty; why "believe" something one has seen? It is and needs no believing. By the same token, once we know, if we do not act or change on account of it, it is as if we had chosen to carry on, to compartmentalize that knowledge. Once the consensus reality catches us and permits us, then we will be at the forefront saying, "Oh, sure, I knew that."

See it to Believe it
Ed Grimsley ( researches and videotapes UFOs using night vision technology. He has successfully filmed what he has experience, many unidentified flying objects that do not behave like conventional aircraft. They seem to be battling one another, which goes a long way towards explaining the need for chemtrails and better radar technology. His organization is called Skywatch.

Witnesses with Grimsley see and videotape saucer-shaped craft using binoculars with night vision technology. Naysayers explain away the videos more easily than they do the sightings, saying they are merely birds, bats, bugs, bits of dust, or "artifacts" in the binoculars. Never mind that this runs counter to the experience of those making the sightings. How can we deny what we are seeing if we will not even bother to look firsthand?

The objects are flying, and they are unidentified, and that would make them UFOs by definition. But we all know a UFO is more than an anomaly. We mean aliens in alien spacecraft. Many of these vehicles are secret military technology that, whistle blowers claim, were captured and reverse engineered. These intelligently operated objects are more than flukes. And they seem to be engaged in something important that we are not being told.

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