Monday, June 27, 2011

Bigfoot monster mass sighting in Texas

Of all the reported sightings and contacts between humans and the legendary Sasquatch or Bigfoot, one of the most fascinating documented cases occurred in the community of Lake Worth, just northwest of Fort Worth, Texas.

Not only did over 100 people report seeing the creature, in some cases there were up to 40 people who saw it at the same time and place, among them police officers who noted the episodes in their official reports.

This intriguing story, with many of the elements of a B-grade movie thriller, took place over a few months. It began in the summer of 1969.

Complete with bizarre descriptions and incredible events, the tale could be dismissed by skeptics as the product of mass hysteria or a hoax.

However to the open mind, there may be something of substance in the records. They include a unique Polaroid photograph. It has been analyzed with modern digital image-rectifying techniques and has revealed characteristics that are in accord with other, more recent photographic evidence.

The Unbelievable Story
In the pre-dawn hours of a summer's day, six terrified citizens burst into the local police station. John Reichert and his wife, along with two other couples, related that they had been at the park along the lake after in the middle of the night, enjoying the balmy weather and moonlight on the lake.

Suddenly, crashing down through the trees above, and landing with a tremendous slam on the hood of the car, was a huge, hideous creature. It reached out for Mrs. Reichart, trying to grab her. John started the car and slammed it into gear.

At the roar of the engine and the with the car jerking into motion, the creature bounded off into the woods, having left an eighteen-inch scratch on the side of the car. And here's where the story grew stranger: they described the creature as something resembling a cross between a man and a goat that not only had fur -- but also fish-like scales!

The police, impressed by the agitated state and the agreement of all six witnesses, took them seriously. In fact, there had been reports in the previous two months of strange beings lurking in the deep, thick forests north of town, which border the lake.

Four patrol cars were dispatched to the scene. The story generated such interest that it made the second page of the Fort Worth Star Telegram on July 10th. "Fishy Man-Goat Terrifies couples Parked at Lake Worth," read the headline of the article. More

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