Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The End? Calamities and sky changes (video)

() This video was released to accompany a radio appearance by L.A. Marzulli June 28, 2011 on Coast to Coast AM. Do ancient prophetic texts refer to the times we are living in? What is happening with our Moon? Magnetic north is moving, and airports are having to readjust their equipment, so does this signal an impending pole shift? Bird and fish deaths? Massive earthquakes in a ring spreading across the planet? Floods and peculiar weather? "Watchers 2" investigates these events. Full DVD available at

Author Marzulli discussed his latest research on biblical prophecy, which suggests that the recent increase in global turmoil, calamities, and Earth changes are the "birth pangs" of the apocalypse. April 2011 had the deadliest weather in American history. Along with the Fukushima earthquake in March and other strange events (SEE INCREDIBLE LIST), Marzulli concludes that we are in an unprecedented period. "Something's been let attack humankind in a way that we've never seen, and it's manifesting in earthquakes and volcanic activity," he warns.

There seems to be a new body in our solar system that is affecting the lunar surface. Our Moon now has an anomalous rotation. This could be what Bible prophecy refers to as "signs in the heavens." The more ancient Book of Enoch states: "the moon shall alter her order and not appear at her time," he notes. "When we plug in Planet X, Nibiru, Elenin, Comet Honda, and others that seem to be manifesting in the sky -- what are we really looking at? It's alarming in my opinion," Marzulli commented, adding that we may be witnessing the effects of a cosmic war taking place in a dimension that we do not see. More

January 7, 2009 L.A. Marzulli interview on Coast to Coast

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