Wednesday, June 29, 2011

UFOs filmed over London (video)

Mass sightings in New York were explained away with nonsense stories of "balloons." Never mind that the timelines did not coincide. And the craft over the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, Palestine (occupied by Israel), although simultaneously filmed by various witnesses, was turned into a joke by subsequent fake footage.

Pyramidal (not triangular) craft over Moscow and other cities, triangular UFOs over the US, lights over China... how much evidence does a skeptic need? It is not a lack of evidence that keeps people from believing. It is the fear of ridicule and expulsion (from a job, position, university, media outlet).

() UFOs over London's BBC Radio 1 Building. It took over a week but it was finally possible to capture these alien crafts (vimanas) on camera on a clear day and even get a close-up. The sighting was attracting a crowd as they appeared. Fortunately, this mass sighting cannot easily be debunked, for it was filmed from multiple angles by various witnesses, in addition to all the witness who did not film it.

VIDEO: A big part of history is missing

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