Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Original Stonehenge (Adam's Calendar)

Wisdom Quarterly

Every year European's gather at Stonehenge in England to mark the Summer Solstice. While this is a wonderful commemoration linking us to ancient generations of humans and the advanced technology that was delivered from above and developed here for the betterment of the planet, it obscures the fact that there are many megalithic "Stonehenges," even one in America.

But according to Michael Tellinger the oldest sits in the cradle of human civilization. Of course, human species (plural) are far older than we are allowed to believe. (Sacred texts and oral tradition across the planet as well as forbidden archeology tell us that). But the current dominant manifestation of our human race (Homo sapien sapien becoming Homo spiritus) seems to have been rooted in Africa.

Egypt, it may surprise many, is in Africa. We forget that in much the same way we are taught to forget that the ancient Egyptians were Africans. Or that Jesus was associated with Africa. And that the only Biblical description of him is as a typically black male. And the incredible Nile feeds more than Egypt, having once flowed out of Eden.

Africa has other amazing artifacts beyond the pyramids -- from the ancient (pre-Islamic) university (center of higher education buried by European explorers who stumbled on its treasures and the significance of what the ancient Africans had achieved) at Timbuktu (possibly older than the oldest Buddhist university, Nalanda, which is often credited with being the first of its kind, or Taxila), fossils in the Great Rift Valley to Adam's Calendar.

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